Sunday, October 21, 2012

See you November 1!

Thank you for dropping by!  I will start posting regularly November 1 (All Saints) day and new content will be added every Thursday.  At this time I am working on content material: this involves mostly organizing the craziness of thoughts in my head and working a cohesive semblance and semi-logical order to it.  This blog will not simply be about me spouting my thougths, observations and philosophies at you.  It will also be a chance to engage with your response to the material here.  Or if you simply want to argue: I love a good debate.  Or heartily agree with me.  (my ego likes this) Or you can add your own observations.  Regardless I look forward to our chats.  This blog represents a new chapter of my life and I'm heartily looking forward to it!  New beginnings at (almost) 44: who would have thought!  :)

the madscribbler
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